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The Overview tab, accessible in Enterprise People, gives you a quick view of your employee information, a summary for the last 30 days and insight into the most used Tags/Saved Searches. You can also Import People, and view the recent imports in the Overview tab. Use the instructions below to access the Overview tab.


To Access the Overview Tab:

  1. In Enterprise, choose People from the menu on the left.
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  2. Choose Overview from the submenu.
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  3. The Overview lets you see a People Summary and Recent Imports. You can also Import People

People Summary

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Note: Click the numbers in blue to view the employee information. 


Recent Imports

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Note: Click the numbers in blue to view the employee information. Click See Results, in the Actions column, to view the import details. 


To Manually Import People:

  1. Click the Import People button on the top right.
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  1. Type in your email addresses or choose a file, then click Next.
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    Note: You can also choose from additional Advanced Options below. 
  1. Add any custom fields and select Import Now to import your People.

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    Note:  Please refer to Manually Import Employees for more Information.


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