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Turning on Social Features in an Article or Flyer to allow your readers to Comment on, or Like your content. Comments and Likes are a great way to gather informal feedback and encourage engagement. You can also Turn On Likes. Turn On Comments using the instructions below.

To Enable Comments for an Entire Folder:

  1. Go to the Account drop-down and click Account Settings.
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  2. Scroll to the bottom of your Account Settings. Under Folder Settings, in the Actions column, click the gear icon beside a Folder to access the Folder Settings
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  3. Under Comments, check the Enable Comments checkbox.
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    • If the box is checked, People can comment on your content (although you can still Turn off Social Features for individual Articles or Flyers).
    • If the box is unchecked, comments will disabled on any emails within this Folder. 


  4. Click Save. Comments will now be enabled for the chosen Folder and your readers will now be able to leave comments. 

    Note: You can make more changes in the Comment Settings for your Folder.

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