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When you Create an Email you may want to edit the draft, at a later date before your send. You may also want to Republish your Email after it's sent. Use the instructions below to edit your email. 

Note: The Layout View, available to users with the 'Editor' user role allows you to edit the structure and layout of your template

To Edit an Email: 

  1. In the Home area, go to  the email you'd like to edit and click the Edit Email icon.
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    Note: You can also search for an email in the Comms area or click the title of an email in 'draft', to edit it.

  2. From The Edit Email View, edit the contents of your Email. Use Editable Content Areas to add content to your emails and Add Article or Create Sections in your Newsletters. Always Send a Quick Test before completing a live send. 
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    Note: You can drag and drop articles between sections in templates compatible with our new Edit Email Enhancements.

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