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Poppulo Email Reports allow you to get real-time updates on how your readers are reacting to your email communications. Creating a Custom Report in Poppulo enables you to drill down deeper into particular audience segments or to statistics that are of interest to your team and organisation.

After you Create a Custom Report you may want to edit the report (you may also want to Delete a Custom Report). Use the instructions below to edit a Custom Report. 

To Edit a Custom Report:

  1. ​In the Reports area of your account, select Custom Reports from the menu on the left.
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  2. From the list of Custom Reports, choose the one you would like to edit and choose Edit.
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  3. You can edit the Report NameReport Format and Report Type here. Select Next to continue through the Create a Custom Report process until you make the desired changes to your report. 
    User-added image

  4. Choose Save (or, Save & Run to run the report) when done.
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