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Tags allow you to manually group People so that you can send them targeted communications. Tags are static lists and can quickly go out-of-date if you don't manage them carefully. For that reason we recommend using a Saved Search for sending, as it is a dynamic list which updates based on your Data Fields. 

Sometimes when you Create a Tag you may want to delete it after it's been used. When you delete a Tag, the Tag will be removed but the employee data will remain in your account. Tags groups People for sending and searching purposes. The instructions to Delete a Tag are below: 

To Delete a Tag:

  1. Go to the People area and click 'Tags'.
    User-added image

  2. Select the Tag(s) you wish to move using the tick-box beside the Tag Name. 

    User-added image

  3. From the Bulk Actions drop-down, click 'Delete Tags'.
    User-added image

  4. Click 'Delete Tags' to confirm the deletion of the selected tag.
    User-added image

  5. Your tag will be deleted and will no longer appear in the folder.

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