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Customer fields allow you to easily segment your audience so that you can boost the relevance of your communications. Custom fields are not editable within Poppulo. Once you've finished using a custom field, you can choose to Lock the field to ensure that it is not populated in future data imports. There is no option to Delete the field entirely but once it is locked information cannot be imported into the field. Follow the instructions below to Lock a Custom Data Field.

To Delete or Lock a Custom Field:

  1. Go to the People area and click 'Fields'.
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  2. In the Fields screen, click 'Lock' to the right of the the Custom Field you'd like to lock.
    User-added image


  1. Enter a Reason for locking the field and click 'Lock Field'. (Entering a reason is mandatory, to give other Poppulo users visibility.)
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  2. The locked Data Field will no longer appear as an option to populate during a data import. 

    Note: The process is the same to Unlock'a data field. The 'Lock' button will appear as 'Unlock'.

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