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IC Professionals frequently have to send communications on behalf of stakeholders across their organisation or on behalf of the organisation itself. Rather than sending from a generic or shared inbox, Sender Details allow you to manipulate who the message appears to have come from.

For instance, if you're sending a message for your CEO, Changing the Sender Details to the CEO's name and email address means that it will look like the CEO has sent the message themselves when your audience receive the communication in their inbox. You can then save your sender details to appear by default when sending from you Folder. (You can also Personalise the Sender Details)

Sender details are broken into 3 fields:

  • From Name: This is what will appear in the From field of your inbox, e.g. Joe Blogg, CEO.

  • From Email Address: The email address of the person you are sending on behalf of, e.g.

  • Reply-to Email: This is the email that your audience will respond to if they reply to your email.

Important: We do not recommend using your CEO's email address for the Reply-to Field. If you're sending to a large audience then it's likely that the CEO's inbox will be flooded with Out of Office messages if you put the CEO's email in the Reply-to Field. Instead, use your IC team address in the Reply-to Field.

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