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Folders are a great way to organize the communications in your account, a Weekly Report or Monthly CEO Updates for example. Folders are used to group related emails, which is crucial when viewing reporting trends across multiple mailings. Every time you Create a New Email you'll be asked to assign it an existing Folder or you'll create a new Folder. A Folder can contain both Flyers and Newsletters and you can Move a Draft Email Between Folders. Follow the steps below to Create a Folder:

Note: You can Delete a Folder but only if there has been no Live emails sent from the Folder. Please contact Support to delete a Folder containing a Live email. 


To Create a New Folder: 

  1. Create a New Email.
    Note: You can also follow steps to Create an Event, an Event always creates a New Folder containing the Event Invite and any Follow-up Emails for the event. 

  1. Choose a Template.
    User-added image


  2. Click the Create New Folder radio button and add a Folder Name
    User-added image


  1. When you're finished creating your email, click Save & Edit. The new Folder will be created containing the email you just created. You can access Folder Settings to make changes to your Folder.

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