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Employee data in Poppulo is categorised into different data 'Fields?'. In addition to the default fields, you can also create your own custom fields to store your employee data. For instance, if you want to send Pension communications to those People on a particular type of pension plan, you can create a custom 'Pensions' data field. This makes it much easier to target communications to that group. Use the instructions below to create a custom field. 

To Create a Custom Field: 

  1. Go to the People area and click 'Fields'.
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  2. In the Fields screen, click 'New Field' on the right.

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  1. Enter a Name for your custom field and select a the data Type which will be stored within the custom field.
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  • Text holds both words and numbers.

  • Number holds only numerical values.

  • Date holds date format(ddmmyy, dd/mm/yy, dd/mm/yyy) 

  • Yes/No hold either yes or no. 

  • Selector creates a drop-down list of options specified by you.

  1. Click 'Save'.

  2. Your new Custom Field will appear on the Fields screen. 
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