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The Event Module allows you to create and send Event Invitations to employees across your business. You can then use our powerful metrics to track responses - as well as target follow-up invitations to invitees based on their response (for instance, sending reminders to those who haven't opened the original invite). 

To Create an Event Invitation: 

  1. From the Home Screen, click 'New Email' on the top right. 
    User-added image

  2. Select the Event Invitation email type and click 'Next'.
    Choose event invitation

  1. Choose an Event Type and an Event Name.
    User-added image
    Note: Your Organizer Name and Email will appear by default but can be edited also. 

  1. Enter your Invitation Text. (These will appear on your invitation.)
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    Note: The Invitation Text field will only appear once you've chosen an Event Type.

  2. Complete the Event Details; including the Start and End date, the Time Zone of the location where the event is being hosted, the Capacity of the event and the physical Location/Venue if required.
    User-added image
    Note: The options will change slightly depending on the Event Type chosen. Above, a location can be specified for the Conference type event. Online details will appear for a Webinar type event. 

Some event types allow you to add additional dates if required using the Add Another Event button.
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  • This provides your invitees with the option to choose the location or date that best suits your employees.

  • Invitees will only be able to select one event to attend.  

  1. Choose your RSVP Options. These include requiring responses from invitees and requiring registration.
    RSVP Options
    Note: Check the box to include a Registration form in your invite. You can also Add an Event to your Intranet when it's set to public. 

  1. Choose your Folder Settings
    Campaign settings

  • Folder Name - The Event Name, set in Step 3. 

  • Enable Folder Audience - Gives employees the choice to opt-out of receiving emails sent from this Folder (for example, you might select this option if you are sending regular invites from a particular area of the business). 

  1. Choose your Default Sender Details and Email Send Details. Then, click 'Next'.
    Campaign settings

  • Default Sender Details - For the Folder(these can be edited when sending your email). 

  • Email Send Details - Enter the intended audience and the date you plan to send. This information is used to populate your account calendar so that other users can see when you plan to send the communication(these details can be changed at any time). 

    Note: This does not automatically send your email. 

  1. Choose a Template for your Event Invitation. Choose from Previous Emails, Custom Templates or the Template Library.
    Select template

    Note: You can choose a template from your library (depending on your account/template set-up, not all options may be available on all emails).

  1. Click Save & Edit to finish the process. Your Event Invite will then be created. You can edit any section at any time before sending this out to your intended audience.  
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