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Audiences allow you Control Access to Email Folders. By adding an audience to a Folder, you are limiting the access of that Folder's content to those assigned to the right Audience. When you Import Employees you must Add People to an Audience. When an Employees Audience matches the Folder Audience, they can receive emails from that Folder. Use the instructions below to create an Audience.  

To Create an Audience:

  1. Go to the People area and click 'Audiences'.
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    Note: If you do not see the Audiences option, you are using Simple Audience Management.

  2. Click 'New Audience'
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    Note: If you do not see the 'New Audience' button your user role may not include this level of access.

  3. Enter a Name, Display Title and Description for your Audience and click 'Save'.
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    • The Audience Name is how you will identify this Audience within the system. It is visible within your account only, and is not seen by employees.

    • The Display Title is how this Audience will be described in your employee record, Subscribe and Unsubscribe page.

    • The Description is visible within your account only and is not seen by employees.

  4. Your new Audience will now appear in your list. You can now Add People to an Audience and add it to a Folder under Folder Settings.
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