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Sections are what decide where, in a Newsletter, your articles appear. You can Change the Order of your SectionsChange the Section Associated with an Article and Reorder your Articles within a section, giving you complete control over how your content appears to your readers. 

Categorizing your articles into different sections within your Newsletters is a great way to increase the relevance for your readers. For instance, creating a UK News Section makes it easy for readers in the UK to see what information is relevant to them. You can also Rename an Existing Section. It's important to note, once created, you cannot delete a section in your Newsletter, however a section without an associated Article will not appear in your preview or in a live send. 


To Create a New Section:

  1. Edit an Email and choose Sections from the More drop-down.
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  2. In the Sections screen, in the top right corner click New Section.
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  3. Complete the Create a New Section screen and click Save.
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    Settings Explained: 

  • Name - is what your section will be called in Poppulo Harmony; this is for our support or design teams to identify the article.

  • Template Display Title - the name displayed on your template. If you update this field it updates for all your emails which use that template.

  • Email Display Title - the name displayed on your email to your recipients. If you update this field, it only updates at the email level.

  • Icon - can appear in place of the Email Display Name. (see more at Edit your Section Icon)
    Note: This can only be edited if the design team have built your template to support the feature. 

  • Display Title Language - allows you to add a language.
    Note: This can only be edited if the design team have built your template to support the change. 

  • Topic - If you have Dynamic Content turned on in your account then you will also see the option to associate a Topic with this section.

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