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A Flyer is a single-page email, while a Newsletter has multiple pages. Below you'll find step-by-step instructions on how to create an Email in Poppulo Harmony.

To Create an Email:

  1. From the Overview page, click the Create New button and choose Email
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    Note: You can also Create an Event Invitation.

  2. Choose Flyer from the toggle, then choose a Template to use.
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  3. In the Email Details, enter your Email Title and choose the Folder for your Email in the drop-down. 
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    Note: You can also Create a New Folder here. 

  4. Under Planning, choose the Planned Send Date, the People you wish to send to and the Subject Line for your email.

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    Note: Setting details under Planning is optional. Setting these details will not send your email and the details can be changed before you send. 

  5. Click Save & Edit to finish creating your email. Now you can start Adding Content!
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