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Poppulo Reporting allows you to get real-time updates on how your readers are reacting to your communication. Creating a Custom Report in Poppulo enables you to drill down far deeper into particular audience segments or to statistics that are of interest to your team and organisation. For instance, if you want to view whether there are different open rates between various countries, you can do this by creating a Custom Report.

Some custom reports can even be scheduled to run and be delivered to your email inbox giving you reporting, how and when you want it. Follow the instructions below to create a custom report:


To Create a Custom Report

  1. Go to the Reports area and click Custom Reports.
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  1. On the Custom Reports screen, click New Report.
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  1. Enter the Report Name and choose your preferred Report Format for viewing the data.
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    Note: Some report formats have a limit on how many emails you can report on. Limits - PDF(.pdf): 60 emails, Excel(.xls): 200 emails.

    Choosing .pdf, .csv or .xls, as the Report Format will reveal Scheduling and Email Options.

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  1. Choose the Report Type you wish to run and click Next
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The steps in the new Custom Report Wizard will be slightly different depending on which Report Type you choose. Click on of the links below for the steps associated with each report type:
  1. Choose your parameters and click Next

    Note: The Report Type selected in Step 4 above will define what parameters are available. 

  • ​If you've chosen to create a Trend Report filtered by Field or Tag, you'll be asked to select the Fields/Tags you wish to report on. 
  • ​If you want to run the same report on different publications and/or mailings, select the Choose when running report option when asked to select which Folders/emails you want to report on - this will allow you to update your selection when run the report. 
  1. Set your other options and click Next

  2. Review your Custom Report and then click Save(Alternatively click Save & Run to run the report.)

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    Note: The Review page is a complete summary of all information entered during the Create a Report Wizard. Review this information carefully to ensure you're report accurately targets the data you would like to capture. 

  3. Once saved, you can Run a Custom Report at your convenience. You can also Edit a Custom Report or Delete a Custom Report from the Custom Reports screen. 

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