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A Poppulo Analytics Cross-Channel Campaign allows you to plan and execute a genuine cross-channel digital campaign comprised of Email, Social and SharePoint Intranet content. You can measure content across your Intranet, Social and Email Channels, giving you a consolidated view of your digital campaign performance. Results can be viewed at a global campaign level, and also viewed on a per channel, or segmented basis. Once you've created a Campaign, you can Apply it to an Article.

Use the instructions below to create a Cross-Channel Campaign.


To Create a Campaign in Poppulo Analytics:

  1. In the Plan area of your account, select New Campaign.
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  1. Set the Campaign Name and Dates.
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    Note: You can add a description to give the other users of your account more information on the Campaign. 

  1. Choose an Audience for your Campaign. (Choose between Everybody, Tags and Segments.)
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    • Instead of all employees, you can use a Tag or multiple Tags including Distribution Lists used as Tags.
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      Note: Employees added to a Tag after a campaign is created, may take up to 24 hours to be included in the Audience. 
    • The final option, for a more targeted Campaign, choose a Segment (Department, Business Unit, Region, Country), then choose your value(s).
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      Note: Combine Segments using the "AND" button. 


  1. Click Save. Your Campaign will now appear in the list of Your Campaigns. (You can Delete a Campaign)
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    Note: An additional step will appear in the Send Wizard when sending your Emails, allowing you to Choose a Analytics Campaign when Sending. You can also Apply an Analytics Campaign to an Article

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