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As a Poppulo Harmony Administrator, you can control Folder access for your Users when you Manage your Account. Using a simple checkbox you can grant or deny a User access to any of the Folders in your account. Use the instructions below to control Folder access for your Users. 

To Control Folder Access for your Users

  1. In the Account drop-down, select Users.
    User-added image

  2. On the Users Screen you'll see a list of the Users in your account. Choose a User and click their name (in blue). 
    User-added image

  3. In the User's profile, use the Folder Access checkboxes to control access to the Folders in your account. Select Save when finished.
    User-added image
    Note: Users will only be able to access Folders that are checked. 

  4. When the User logs in, they will be able to access any Folders that are checked. 

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