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If your newsletter contains potentially sensitive or company confidential information, you'll want to limit access to those pages. The Poppulo Harmony Platform can enable this additional layer of security through integrating with your organisations Single Sign-On(SSO) provider or by restricting access to the back pages using Microsite IP Access Restriction.

What is Microsite SSO Restriction?

  • Microsite SSO Restriction is a method used to limit or restrict access to the content on any microsite back-pages you've created using Poppulo Harmony Email.

  • Involves building a trust between our system and your organisation’s Federation Service or Identity Provider (iDP).

  • Only those people accessing links must federate/authenticate using your iDP before viewing content that sits on a communication's microsite.

  • This may require users to login with their normal corporate username and password unless they are already logged in.

  • Our IT Team will work with yours to configure the federation by exchanging metadata. 

  • Common iDPs are ADFS, OKTA, Ping Federate, Ping One, Centrify.

What is Microsite IP Access Restriction?

  • Microsite IP Access Restriction is a method used to limit or restrict access to the content on any microsite back-pages you've created using Poppulo Harmony Email.

  • Involves configuring your account so that only people accessing Poppulo Harmony from a pre-defined range or set of IP addresses (corresponding to the network addresses used within your corporate network) can access the content.

  • Only those accessing links from inside your corporate network are able to view content that sits on a communication's microsite.

  • You can restrict workers accessing microsite content from home or other uncontrolled networks (e.g. internet cafes).

  • We work with your IT team to establish the IP range or set of addresses that are used on your corporate network. Our system associates the IPs with your account.

  • Our system will verify that the IP address of any computer attempting to access the account and/or microsite content matches those supplied by your IT team.


Before enabling IP Access Restriction or SSO, you should ask:

  • Is this required? Is there a genuine risk of data being exposed if I don't limit access (to admin console or microsites) in this fashion?

  • Content in your Microsites is not indexed and not searchable using a modern web-browser

  • Will this be an inconvenient restriction on, for example, users attempting to access from home, from their mobile phones, or other devices or networks that may not be within your corporate network?

  • Can my corporate network be described with a range or list of IP addresses? (Larger organisations which have grown through mergers and acquisitions may not have a homogenous network environment where internet access is directed through a limited range of IP addresses - making it difficult for your IT department to predefine the appropriate IP addresses to configure in Poppulo Harmony.)


If you would like to setup a call between your IT and/or Security teams and one of Poppulo's Technical Analysts to discuss IP Access Restrictions or SSO in more detail, please contact your Customer Success Manager.

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