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With Campaigns enabled in your account, you will be able to track content across all your communication channels. 

As a result of having Campaigns, an extra step will appear in the send wizard allowing you to add any emails you send to your CampaignApply a Campaign to an Article, or use the instructions below to add an entire Email to a Campaign.


To Associate an Email with a Campaign:​

  1. Start the process to Send your Email.

  2. When you reach Step 4, the additional step in the Send Wizard, choose a Campaign to associate your email with. (You may need to Create a Campaign.)
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    Note: To avoid the accidental exclusion of Campaigns and to ensure complete reporting, this is a mandatory field. Choose to include a Campaign or actively choose the No Analytics Campaign option to proceed with your send.

  3. Complete your send as normal. The Email will be tracked as part of the chosen Campaign. You can Filter your Reports by Campaign or View a Campaign Activity Report to see the results.

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