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When you Export an Article to a Mobile Post, the email article content is converted to a mobile friendly format. In some cases, your email may contain unsupported content(videos, images or tables for example) that's not suitable for this conversion. Poppulo will automatically remove the unsuitable content while keeping the content that is suitable. This article below outlines what happens your content during an export and what is suitable and supported in mobile. 

What happens when you export an article to mobile?

  • Poppulo takes your Summary Placeholder image (or Full Story Placeholder in the absence of a Summary Placeholder) and uses it as your mobile post image.
    Note: Images must be .png or .jpg and larger than 600px X 360px. Images outside of these recommendations will not be included in your mobile post. 
  • Poppulo takes your article Summary and Full Story content to create the body of a mobile post, making the content mobile-friendly.

  • Poppulo will map across your email article Analytics Campaign and add it to the mobile post.

A draft mobile post will be created using the Placeholder image and the copy from your Summary and Full Story. This mobile post is free to edit and amend and it is recommended to do so before posting. 

What content is supported?

When converting an email article to a mobile post we make your content mobile friendly. This involves removing unsuitable or unsupported content from your article before creating the mobile post. Here is a list of the supported HTML from your email article content:

  • Headings (<h1>, <h2>)

  • blockquote

  • Lists (<ul>, <ol>, <li>)

  • Paragraph (<p>)

  • Emphasis tag (<em>, <i>)

  • Bold/strong tag (<strong>, <b>)

  • Links (<a>)

HTML tags from the list above are suitable to convert from email to mobile. Any content in HTML tags that are not on the list above will appear as plaintext in your mobile post; unsupported HTML tags will be removed before a mobile post is created. In the example below, the email article contains a table. As the HTML tags for a table(<table>) is not on the supported list, Poppulo will remove the HTML tags for the table leaving the plaintext values only in the mobile post. 
User-added image
Poppulo will always leave plaintext whenever unsupported content is removed, this gives you a chance to change, edit or remove the content it's important always review your content before posting. 

Note: Employee data macros(a Personalised Greeting, for example) and hyperlinks to Internal Poppulo pages(Hyperlink to an Internal Page or Article for example) pages will not appear in your mobile post. Poppulo will replace macros with the default text and include unlinked plaintext only for internal hyperlinks. Also, videos and images are not supported in the body of a mobile post and will be removed during the conversion.

What does an unsuccessful export of email content look like?

In the example below you'll see the 3 messages you'll receive if there's any issues with your export. If your placeholder image is not within the recommendations or the image file type is not supported, you'll see the first 2 errors. In these 2 cases, the Article will export to mobile post but the image will be removed. 
User-added image
The 3rd error suggests a communication between Email and Mobile and couple appear for many reason, it could be a network error or perhaps the article contains no content that can be converted. In this case try again after some time has passed or contact Poppulo Support. 

Articles with unsuitable content in the Summary or Full Story will not present a message like the above, unsuitable content will simply be removed and will not appear in the mobile post. It's important to review you draft mobile post before posting. 

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