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Note: The instructions below are for Advanced Events. To learn about Simple Events, please view our article on Simple Events.
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There are a couple of options to choose from when it's time to send your Event email. We always recommend testing your Event email by Sending a Quick Test for your Event or Sending for Review before your live send or Scheduled Send

Use the Instruction below to Approve and Send your Event invitation. 

Note: When sending a Quick Test for a multi-session Event, the confirmation received by the tester will always be for the first event in the series. In a live send, the recipient will receive details of the selected session.


To Approve and Send your Event Invitation:

  1. Edit the Event you'd like to send. 
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  2. From the Event edit screen, go to the Send drop-down and click Approve and Send.
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    Note: This option will only appear for Events in draft status.

  3. Click Approve and Send Email to open the Send Wizard and begin sending your Event email. 

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    Note: We always recommend Sending a Quick Test for your Event or Sending for Review before a live send. If you have not completed a test send of your email, you will be asked to click Continue without testing; do so at your own peril.
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  4. Choose the People you'd like to send your Event email to and click Next.
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    Note: Choose between Everybody, Tags, Saved Searches or a single Email Address. If "Everybody" does not appear as an option, it may be turned off in your Sub Account by your Enterprise Admin. 

  5. Choose your desired Subject and click Next.
    User-added image
    Note: Click the small gear icon to Personalise your Subject Line. You can also A-B Split Test your Subject Line

  6. Review your Default Sender Details and click Next.
    User-added image
    Note: You can Change your Default Sender Details if necessary. 

  7. Review your send details and click Send Now to complete the send.
    User-added image

  8. Your Event Invitation email will be sent. This can be confirmed on the progress bar(as below).
    User-added image
     Note: You can navigate away from this page and come back later to check on the progress from the Outbox / Sent Items. You don't need to keep this page open for the send to complete.

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