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With the Search function, there is an advanced option available which allows you to group conditions in order to build complex searches. When you Run a Search, typically you will Combine Search Criteria to find People. When Advanced Search is enabled, you will see the option to Add Filter in your search. This gives you the ability to group your search criteria and basically puts brackets around them. With Advanced Search you can run two or more grouped criteria searches. 

Note: This setting is disabled by default but can be enabled, if required, by contacting the Poppulo Support Team or your CSM. 

To Use Advanced Search:

  1. In the Search for People screen, enter the search criteria for your Search.
    User-added image
    Note: Use the '+' icon to add additional search criteria.

  2. Click 'Add Filter', to add a new set of search criteria.
    User-added image

  3. Enter search criteria into the added filter.
    User-added image

    Note: The search results will show all People that satisfy either of the search criteria within the filters above. All People will either have @cubicorp(AND NOT in their email address, OR they are a Manager that is in Ireland (title contains manager AND country is Ireland). 

  4. Click 'Search' to run the Advanced Search. 

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