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Audiences allow you to manage and control which emails an employee can receive from a particular Folder. When you Add an Audience to a Folder, only employees in that Audience can receive emails from the Folder. When you Import Employees you must Add People to an Audience in order for your employees to be able to receive emails. 

Use the instructions below to add an Audience to a Folder. 

To Add an Audience to a Folder:

  1. Access the Folder Settings for the Folder you'd like to add the Audience to. 

  2. In the Folder Summary, select the Edit Audiences button
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    Note: If you do not see the Audiences option, check the Enable Folder Audience checkbox. If this doesn't appear, you are using Simple Audience Management.

  3. Use the checkbox to add the Audience and choose Select.
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  4. Click Save in Folder Settings to complete the edit.
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