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Section Groups are used during Template Design to help you make small structural changes to your Template without affecting other emails in a Folder. You can Edit the Name of a Section GroupRemove a Section from a Group or Reorder the Sections in a Group; giving you the flexibility to change the Email layout. 

If your Templates use Section Groups, use the instructions below to add a Section to a Group.

To Add a Section to a Group:

  1. When Editing an Email, navigate to the More drop-down and select Sections.
    User-added image

  2. In the Sections screen, in the top right corner, select the Groups button.
    User-added image
    User-added image

  3. In the Section Groups screen, choose the Group you would like to add a Section to and select the Add Section button.
    User-added image

  4. Choose the Section(s) you would like to add by using the checkboxes, then choose Add.
    User-added image
    Note: If there are no more Sections to add, a pop-up of "There are no sections to choose from" will appear.

  5. The Section(s) will now be added to the Group. 
    User-added image

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