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Poppulo Harmony's Technical Integration articles are designed as a basic introduction to key technical concepts. More detailed documents written for IT teams are available by contacting your Customer Success Manager.

High level overview

When you push the send button, emails are sent through the Poppulo Harmony network of Email Servers (known as a server pool). Your Poppulo account is assigned a server pool when it is created. Each server pool has specific IP addresses. The server pool will use a consistent sending domain.



For reliable delivery of emails to your own domain, whitelist your assigned IP range. You should also whitelist a second range for redundancy. Details of these will be provided by Poppulo Support or your Customer Success Manager.


Message Authentication:

  • SPF: Emails are authenticated using the Sender: from domain.

    • There is no need for our customers to publish their own SPF record unless DMARC is employed.

  • DKIM: Emails are DKIM signed with the Sender: from domain

    • Poppulo Harmony supports DKIM signing using our customer's chosen domain name

  • DMARC: Poppulo Harmony supports DMARC. Please contact support for further information.

Please contact your Customer Success Manager if you'd like to discuss how Poppulo Harmony sends email in more detail. Your CSM will setup a call between your IT and/or Security teams and one of Poppulo's Technical Analysts.

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