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Subject lines are a vital part of any email communication. They’re the first message your audience will see in their inbox. A clear, compelling subject line can help your communication stand out from the clutter.  
See our tips below to ensure you’re making a great first impression with your subject lines:

Say What’s in the Email

Don’t waste hours thinking of a witty subject line. Being direct and stating what is in the email is far more effective.

  • Top Tip: For newsletters, summarise the top three messages from that issue – opposed to simply state Issue 1, Issue 2 etc.


Let Employees know if they Need to do Something

If your message includes an important call to action, state Action Required at the start of the subject line to capture attention. Your readers will know something is required from them and will be more likely to engage. 

Keep it Brief

Try to keep your subject line to 50 characters or less. Any more and the rest of your message might be cut off in certain email clients.

Make it Personal

Using ‘you’ or ‘your’ can have a big impact. ‘Important Changes to Your Pension’ is likely to have a bigger impact than ‘Important Pension Changes’.

Let your Audience know it will be Relevant

Communicating to a particular segment of your readers? Try calling them out specifically in the subject line. They’ll be more likely to open your message if they think it’s relevant to their role.

Try A/B Split Testing your Subject Line

Poppulo’s A/B Split Test allows you to test three different subject lines to see which gets the most effective open rate. You’ll have access to powerful metrics showing what subject lines your audience respond to best.  

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