What’s the Difference Between Opens and Clicks?

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The Overview on the 'Reports' drop-down displays a range of key metrics, including Opened by and Clicked by your communication.

Opened by versus Clicked by

  • Opened by represents the total number of people who have opened the communication in their email browser or device at least once since it was sent.

  • Clicked by represents the total number of people who have clicked on an item within the email at least once (clicks from both the email and the microsite are measured). 

The numbers, in the red boxes below, denotes the number of individuals that have opened or clicked at least once. Clicking the number itself will display the email address of each employee to complete that action.

User-added image
Note: You may see "Opened by (estimated)" in your Mailing Results. This is calculated by adding an estimate to the Opens for those who read the email but did not download any images or click any links. (For example, some email clients will have images blocked.) 

What exactly qualifies as an Open?

We calculate open rates in one of two ways:

  1. Real Open
  • If images are blocked and the reader clicks the tracking image on the top of the email (to Load or Download Images).

  • If the images are automatically unblocked on the email and the reader opens it then this also sends a message to our server telling us it's a 'Real Open'.


  1. Inferred Open
  • If images are blocked and the reader does not click on the tracking image but they do click on a link or an article within the front page of the email then it's considered an Inferred Open.


Real opens + Inferred opens = Who Opened
Both 'Real' and 'Inferred Opens' contribute to the total 'Who Opened' figure. 


What’s the difference between ‘Total Clicks’ and ‘Who Clicked’?

Who Clicked is the total number of individuals that clicked on the specific link or article at least once.

  • In the example below, 1,324 unique People clicked on A Message from the CEO at least once. 

Total Clicks is the total number of times that a specific link or article has been clicked by any of the People that received your communication.

  • In the example below, the A Message from the CEO was clicked 6,801 times.

User-added image

A Message from our CEO, 1,325 People clicked on the email and there is 6,801 clicks in total between those 1,324 People. Some People clicked more than once. 

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