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Create a Survey

Find out how to add surveys and polls to your communication.
How To Guide | Last Modified 5 November, 2020

Add a Survey to the Cover Page of your Email

Adding a survey to the cover page of your newsletter greatly increases its visibility.
How To Guide | Last Modified 26 July, 2021

Add a Survey to a Back-Page

Adding a survey to a back-page or Survey Page within your newsletter allows you to link directly to the survey from within a article (rather than it appearing on your cover page).
How To Guide | Last Modified 26 July, 2021

Create a Survey Report

When creating a custom report, there are several report types to choose from. Use the instructions in this article to create a Survey Report. This report shows the results of a selected survey.
How To Guide | Last Modified 22 November, 2021

View your Survey Results

After running a survey, you can quickly and easily view the survey results in the reports area of your account.
How To Guide | Last Modified 13 May, 2021

General Options for a Survey

Read on to find out more about the display options available when creating and using and editing Surveys.
How To Guide | Last Modified 26 July, 2021

Add Questions to your Survey

There are many options to choose from when you add questions to your Survey; add one answer, multiple choice, grids and even open answer questions to your surveys.
How To Guide | Last Modified 19 November, 2020

Edit a Survey

Learn how to edit a survey.
How To Guide | Last Modified 5 November, 2020

Run a Metric Search

Metric Search lets you identify People based on reporting related data such as, opens, clicks and survey results.
How To Guide | Last Modified 14 October, 2021

Template Design FAQ

Use this frequently asked questions to learn about your template after the design phase.
How To Guide | Last Modified 26 October, 2018

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