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Creating an Email

This video will guide you through the process for creating an email in Poppulo Harmony.
How To Guide | Last Modified 15 November, 2023

Create an Email in Enterprise Cascade

Using the Enterprise Cascade, Enterprise Users can create and ‘push’ emails. Sub-Accounts receive these emails and can add, edit or remove local content before sending.
How To Guide | Last Modified 7 December, 2022

Create a Clone of an Existing Email

The Clone Email feature allows you to create an exact copy of an existing newsletter or flyer.
How To Guide | Last Modified 19 February, 2024

Create a New Email

View step-by-step instructions on how to create an Email in Poppulo Harmony.
How To Guide | Last Modified 24 April, 2023

Email Reports: Create a Custom Report

Custom Reports allow you to examine particular audience segments or statistics that are important to your organisation. Use the instructions here to create your custom report.
How To Guide | Last Modified 21 November, 2023

Create an Article

Use these instructions to create and add new articles to your newsletter.
How To Guide | Last Modified 17 November, 2023

Create a Multilingual Email

Learn how to create an Email with a Multilingual Template.
How To Guide | Last Modified 1 December, 2022

Create an Event Invitation

See instructions on how to create a new Advanced Event Invitation in Poppulo Harmony.
How To Guide | Last Modified 2 October, 2023

Email Reports: Create an Enterprise Report

When creating a custom report, there are several report types to choose from. Use the instructions in this article to create an Enterprise Report. This report shows total activity metrics per publication in the account and employee activity per publicatio
How To Guide | Last Modified 14 November, 2023

Edit an Email

Learn how to edit an email.
How To Guide | Last Modified 24 November, 2023

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