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Approve and Send your Email

Learn how to Approve and Send your Email.
How To Guide | Last Modified 22 November, 2019

Approve and Send your Event

Learn how to Approve and Send your Advanced Event Invitation Email.
How To Guide | Last Modified 18 May, 2021

Approve your Article

Articles in Draft will not appear in Preview mode or in a live send. Learn how to approve your Articles.
How To Guide | Last Modified 5 May, 2022

Scheduling a Send

Scheduling a send gives you the freedom to send at an optimal time for your readers, especially if you are sending to different times zones.
How To Guide | Last Modified 13 June, 2019

Send an Event Invite Follow-up

With the Advanced Event Module, you can easily see how invitees have responded to your event invitation - and send targeted follow-ups based on whether they've accepted, declined or not yet responded.
How To Guide | Last Modified 12 March, 2021

Send an Email for Review

Sending an email for Test & Review allows you to capture feedback and/or approval from your team, manager or other stakeholders.
How To Guide | Last Modified 20 January, 2020

Add an Approved Sender Profile

Restrict users to using sender details on an Approved Senders List when sending in an Enterprise sub-account.
How To Guide | Last Modified 15 August, 2019

Send for Review Explained

Learn all about the Send for Review feature in Poppulo.
How To Guide | Last Modified 20 January, 2020

Send a Quick Test for your Event

Quick Test allows you to quickly send a test email for your Event to yourself, a colleague or a Review group, so that you can view how it displays in an inbox.
How To Guide | Last Modified 8 October, 2021

Sending an Email

This video will guide you through the process for sending a quick test and a live send.
How To Guide | Last Modified 17 August, 2018

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